Terms & conditions

1. Our promises to you:

Every project we take on will be treated with utmost importance, as we know that it is important to you the client. Please be aware although all clients’ projects are equally important there may be times where a particular project may need to be prioritised. Although a rare occurrence if this happens & may affect any of the work we are doing for you, we will inform you as soon as possible with an outline for a new timeline for completion.

We will supply you with a quote, to which we ask if you accept to let us know by a written conformation. Once we have this we can proceed with your project.

Regular meetings can be arranged so you can find out how your project is developing & keep us up to date with any changes needed. All meetings will have minutes taken so both parties have a copy of any comments, ideas, decisions, & agreements that are made.

We will endeavor to make the final work as near to your brief as we possibly can, & will liaise with you, as the project progresses to make sure you are happy with the progress made & the final design.

2. Your promises as a client:

You will be expected to give us an outlining brief of your project explaining expectations of the finished project either written or verbal, & to hand any information needed in good time such as: images, text, changes, & contact details, etc.

To help us complete your request in a reasonable timeline & to your tailored specifications.

As a client you are responsible for making sure you own copyright or have a license to use another persons images, logo’s, Trademark’s or other items/information that are covered by intellectual property law, which you may have to supply to us to aid with completion of your project.

You are expected to settle accounts promptly, & pay a deposit for projects which will be deducted off your final invoice.

All Clients are responsible for the upkeep of any domain names that i-image has obtained in the clients name, this will require the client to re-register the domain when it is due if they still require it, as i-image accepts no responsibility for re-registering domains.

3. Copyright/Intellectual Property:

All original graphics, images & files produced by i-image such as logos, trademarks or photographs and text, remain the intellectual property of i-image unless specified in a written agreement with client before work commences. For photographs, graphics & images, an agreed fee will be set out depending on the usage licence required. For logos & trademarks the client has the option to pay an extra fee for i-image to relinquish the copyright to intellectual property designed or created for the client’s project to them.

For websites the client has the option to pay an extra percentage of the initial fee for i-image to relinquish the rights. This needs to be agreed during the initial stages before the website build commences. Websites where this agreement has been made will remain the intellectual property of i-image, until the site is completed & all outstanding fees have been paid in full. The client will then receive written conformation that i-image relinquish the property to the client. If the client decides at a later date that they would like the rights to their website to be relinquished to them, then this would have to be discussed between both parties.

N.B i-image will retain the right to use any of the intellectual property mentioned in clause 3 to market their services unless otherwise agreed in writing.

4. Prices & Payments:

4.a Quotes/Estimates:

All Clients will receive written quotations for their projects. Please be aware that due to the nature of web and graphic design, unless the client has asked for a basic package with a fixed cost, the quotation is only an estimate of the costing based on the initial information supplied by the client. Due to occasional unknown factors, any changes & additional work that is later added on request of the client, additional costs may be occurred. The client will be informed of any factors that may result in added costs & the client will need to agree in writing/email notification to the addition of costs, to confirm that they agree for us to proceed before the work is carried out.

If the clients final project changes from the original specifications made for the quotation, i-image reserves the right to vary the quotation/invoice.

4.b Pre-payments:

For most projects* the client will be expected to pay a percentage (usually 50%) of the quotation/invoice a week before the work will be started, & will also have the option to pay in instalments as each section of work becomes completed.

*For printed matter, domain name registration, SSL certificates & web hosting all customers are required to settle all invoices in full prior to the commencement of work. All hosting packages are paid for annually & in advance.

4.c Invoices:

All invoices will clearly state details of the project & amount of payment for each item of work. Payment in full will be expected by the due date stated on the invoice.

If payment has not been received in full by this date you maybe subject to an Administration Fee of up to £50 to cover loss of interest & administration costs to recover overdue monies.

i-image may charge interest on overdue accounts. Any invoice that remains overdue for longer than 60 days may be referred to our legal team for litigation & will be subject to further additional charges for each month that the amount remains unpaid from the date that the invoice became due. This amount is accumulative & will be applied at monthly intervals (or part thereof) following the invoice due date.

If payment over due is in respect of the build/design of a website &/or hosting we will hold the right to restrict access to the site until we receive payment in full, including any outstanding administration costs occurred.

4.d Cancellations:

If a client wishes to cancel a project any point it must be confirmed in writing. The client will be invoiced and will be required to pay for any work that has been done up to the date of cancellation. Hosting packages can be cancelled at any time, but please note that we offer no refund for any part of an annual hosting cycle, that remains for a hosting package once it has been set up.

5. Confidentiality:

In the process of dealing with your project we will have information about concepts & ideas that you may share with us to aid toward the completion. Any information you share & information on the progress of your project will remain confidential, we will not share this with any other party unless we have the specific permission in writing from the client.

All information we collect on our clients is for the sole purpose of contacting clients with the progress of their project, contact information that may need to appear on their project & invoicing. This information collected is classed as Sensitive Personal Data & will be kept confidential & secure in accordance to the Data Protection Act 1998.

6. Print orders:

6.a Specification of order

You are responsible for checking that the specification of the order is correct. This includes:

*In submitting any Intellectual Property you authorise us to use it to produce your printed media & design as required.

6.b Proof reading:

It is the your responsibility as the client to proof read all artwork before it is submitted to print & make sure it is all correct. This includes any print ready artwork submitted via you & any designed by i-image. We do not accept any liability for any mistakes in artwork sent to print.

If you have used our design service we will email you a PDF design proof to check before approving the design & agreeing that it is print ready. Please check this carefully as we are not liable for mistakes once you have agreed for it to go to print.

6.c Payments:

We accept payments via paypal from confirmed accounts only. We will send you a PayPal invoice & payment is required in full before your artwork is submitted to print. For any local clients that are already using any of our other services, we can also accept cash payments.

6.d Cancellations:

Orders can be cancelled or changes can be made to artwork any time before it is submitted to print. Once the order has gone to print & it has been confirmed to you via email, no changes can be made to the order nor can it be cancelled.

Once the design has been approved by yourself and us we will email you conformation that the order has has been submitted to print.

If for any reason you do require to cancel your print work prior to going print you will be subject to charge of 5% of the initial cost & an administration fee of £15. (Plus any cost of design work carried out by us prior to print if you used our design service).

6.e Delivery:

Submissions are required before 4pm each day. We aim to deliver within 4-6 working days. This is only an estimate & is met without any liability from us, due to any unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. If you are within a 5 mile radius of Norwich we can offer to deliver to your door ourselves. Any media sent via courier must be checked before signing & any damaged must be recorded when signing for delivery. You must notify us of any damage or defects within 1 day of delivery.

6.f Printing Waiver:

We accept no liability for any loss to your business, including contracts or profits due to any issues arising with a printing project you have assigned to us.

7. Photography project agreements:

7.a Photo shoot Agreement:

For photography projects i-image will supply you with an Agreement for Photo shoots* which will outline:

*We require this agreement to be signed by the client/s before we commence.

7.b Photography Copyright, Intellectual Property and Licensing:

Your images will be supplied with a Photo Licensing Agreement, this will outline a brief photo shoot description, terms of use and copyrights for the images. An agreed fee will be set out depending on the usage licence required. All photographs remain the intellectual property of i-image unless specified in a written agreement with client before work commences.

8. Disclaimers:

i-image will not accept any liability for an infringement on intellectual property law for the use of anything supplied to them by a client for their project, as we hold the client responsible in making sure they either own the right or have obtained the right to use.

The client accepts all responsibility in proof reading all projects, & to point out any changes that are required. This especially includes any material that is going to print, as any mistakes once the project has gone to print can not be rectified & i-image will not accept any liability for a client not bringing any changes required to our notice before they agree for the project to be submitted to print.

i-image will not accept liability for any costs incurred, loss of earnings or compensation due to not meeting any deadlines. The client agrees not to hold i-image responsible for anything that affects the client’s business due to the service offered, this includes sales, losses and the general smooth running of their business.

We do not accept liability to any information or images disclosed/lost due to any hacking attempt, or for failure to deliver because of events beyond our control, such a power failure, hardware failure, or acts of god.

In agreeing for us to handle your project you accept that it is on the understanding that you are familiar with the style and quality of our work, & are happy for us to design your project using the brief you have supplied & any other information we may ask for, whilst using our design judgement & creativity.

In the unlikely event of us not agreeing on the style chosen for your project or approach we have used, and you feel the need to cancel the agreement made between us. You will be required to pay for all work and services undertaken to-date prior to cancellation.

i-image reserves the right to review & change basic prices, in line with inflation & other rises in costs. For example: printing or hosting costs.

We will make regular backups of all projects we are working on, & a full backup once a project has been completed. After that it is the clients responsibility to make any backups required. We will not accept liability or additional costs for failure to maintain backups/updates to your website, errors made by the client/other third parties, or be held responsible for any errors, bugs or other issues once the site has gone live. Although we do test all websites prior to completion, it is the clients responsibility to check & test the site fully before agreeing for us to make their site live.*

We offer website hosting packages for all our clients. The hosting we offer is part of a package we have via a reputable third party. Although we supply hosting packages, as we do not run hardware for the hosting we do not accept any liability for any problems you may have. If your website is on a hosting package supplied by i-image & a problem occurs with the hosting, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can contact the company to resolve the problem. For this you may occur a small administration fee to cover time and any phone calls needed to do this. If we know of any issues with the hosting, we will make sure you are aware of the matter & what is being done to correct the problem

i-image does not supply domain registration ourselves but are affiliated with a reputable company that does. If you require this service we can approach the company on your behalf. Although we are affiliated with this company we do not accept any liability for any problems you may have with a domain registration by this company.

*Please note: We do offer support to all our clients with websites we have developed & try to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

9. External links:

Within our website there maybe external links to other sites, some of the linked websites will be designed by us, others maybe third party sites (i.e wiki or flicker). By clicking on this links you do so at your own risk, we do not accept any liability to any problems that may occur such as loss of data, viruses, hacking attempts or money lost whilst visiting or purchases via these sites.

10. Credits:

Although we do advertise via other means than our website, a majority of our work is gained by word of mouth & recommendations, because of this we shall with permission of the clients insert a small credit on all projects when complete where deemed appropriate. The credit will be discreet, non-distracting & on websites may contain our logo being made into a hyperlink to our own Web site (which, when ‘clicked on', will always open in a new browser window).

We reserve the right to amend these terms & conditions.

We are always looking forward to fresh projects, why not give us a call..

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